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Family History and Service Records

Over the past 20 years, a number of attempts have been made to create a historical record of lighthouse keepers. Recently, new efforts have been made to draw together the work of a number of researchers into a single on-line database. Information is available by contacting the editor, Ken Trethewey, who would be pleased to receive new information that can be added to the database.

British Light Keepers in Egypt

Recently, having gained access to the 1921 census data, genealogist Clifford Trethewey made a new discovery about the men who were sent from Britain to manage the lights of Egypt, built following the opening of the Suez canal. Although not part of the British Empire, Egypt was strategically significant to the Imperialist Britain and France as they sought to facilitate trade between remote colonies and their home ports. This paper is an important contribution a largely untold story. Download this detailed description here.

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Books about lighthouses and light keepers

A book to selebrate lighthouses and their keepers - Light On The Forelands - is now available here. It gives the full story of the Knott family and those who served with them.

There are many keepers' stories contained in the book The Lighthouses of Cornwall and Devon

If you want to know how lighthouses first came about, why not have a look at Ken Trethewey's book Ancient Lighthouses?